The Charm of Simple Rice Kheer As an After Meal Pudding on Winter Evenings


The most fundamental of the treats are perpetually generally tasteful and healthy. Truth be told, nothing matches the appeal of basic rice kheer as an after feast pudding on winter nights.


Making kheer could be dreary. In any case, assuming you decide to go through this formula, you’d come to find that Indian rice pudding is truly simple to make!


This is a moment Rice Kheer formula and takes no longer than 5-7 minutes to get ready.


So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? The thought for next extraordinary formula for sweet is here. You could plan rice kheer when you are Kesar visitors, or even serve something very similar to your family after supper.


Your visitors make certain to be in wonder of the pudding, and praises make certain to come your direction!




Rice Kheer


Planning Time 5 minutes


Cooking Time 15 minutes


Serves 4




1 cup cooked rice


2 cups milk


1/3 cup dense milk


1/2 teaspoon cardamom (elaichi) powder


1 teaspoon ghee




4 to 6 cashew nuts


How about we presently sort out the formula for ‘Rice Kheer’ (Sweet Rice Porridge).


We really want rice, milk, sugar, consolidated milk, cardamom powder, almonds, pistachio chips and a tad of explained spread.


To start with, empty milk into a hot dish.


We will then, at that point, add cooked rice to the milk.


The rice should be scented when we get ready rice kheer.


You might decide to go for Basmati or Nagmohar. Whatever is accessible ought to be scented.


While cooking it, we’ll add sugar to taste.


As we add sugar, we should recollect that consolidated milk also contains sugar.


So put sugar as needs be or, more than likely it will turn out to be excessively sweet.


Whenever the combination turns thick, we’ll add dense milk.


This will thicken the ‘Kheer’.


In this formula, we are making ‘Kheer’ utilizing cooked rice. Be that as it may, one more technique includes cooking rice in the actual milk.


Like that, the milk thickens while the rice is being cooked. The fact that way also makes it incredible.


Be that as it may, this way is moment. It requires something like 5-7 minutes.


Our ‘Kheer’ is finished.


Keep saffron water prepared and add to the combination now.


Kesar (Saffron) truly adds to the flavor and taste of any sweet dish generally!


Rice Kheer is prepared. We can take it in a bowl.


Sprinkle it with some cardamom powder followed by almond and pistachio drops.


Kheer is presently all fit to be served!

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