Military M1A2 VsMerkevaAnd Leopard II Tanks



The Merkava has parts made in Germany and a few different nations. so I don’t have any idea how “Israeli” it is. Haven’t a couple of them been taken out by people on the West Bank, or Gaza… with RPGs and Molotov mixed drinks? I saw a Web website where they were talking a lot of a ton about the ability of the Merkava. I believe it’s a decent tank, however I believe it’s worse than a M-1A2, or a Leopard II; particularly the most up to date models. My principle worry with a M-1 would be that it requires an immense measure of fuel to stay functional… numerous nations don’t have the operations to keep them “took care of.”


I fail to understand how any one can say that the Leopard 2 is a preferred tank over the M1a2. Particularly since it has never been battle tried. It would likewise be difficult to contrast it with a Merkava since the IDF has not battled any huge rivals since their little experience into Liberia, thinking back to the 80’s. I know actually, assuming I had adversary tanks coming over the rise I’d need a M-1 giving me cover fire.


A few of the parts of the tank are inherent different nations, however the Merkava itself gives off an impression of being natural to Israel – it is built in Israel by Israeli Defense Industries. It uses a similar 120mm smoothbore as found on the Leopard, Abrams, Challenger, and so on. To the extent that I realize they’ve just been taken out in the W. Bank by 100kg bundles of explosives set under the street – striking the tank’s weak underside.

To the extent that different parts of the tank – I was convinced, hopefully not by mistake, that the innovation stuff was truly made in Israel itself and simply needed to check whether anyone knew how it “truly” piled facing the Abrams. However, i was shocked by your involvement in the Canadians.


Somebody that I know additionally raised a valid statement when he notice that the Leopard hasn’t exactly been tried in battle – the examination I was perusing called the Abrams the best battle tried tank on the planet, yet the Leopard the best tank in some kind of undefined hypothetical manner. Extreme to say “which is harder” the Abrams or the Merkava. My impression is that the covering is comparable. The 3 tanks that we’ve lost were to do 100kgs, exploding under the tank.


Other than that they truly haven’t been tried experiencing the same thing. One fascinating angle is the motor being set toward the front. The thought being that gigantic measure of metal front and center further safeguards the group. In the’s the team, their inspiration and their preparation.


At this moment as per Armor Magazine the top tank on the planet is the Leopard 2A6. The 2A6 has an overhauled weapon that places it somewhat over the M1A2 SEP. I asked a companion in the first Cav. in the event that the Merkava Mk4 could beat a M1A2. He gave me a point by point examination, contrasting velocity, ammunition limit, and ability to weight proportion, optional weaponry, and the Markova’s mortar. That’s what his decision was “the Abrams MBT is better then a Merkava”


One more highlight consider is the motor. While yes it’s a gas hoard, the M1 is likewise incredibly tranquil. I was conversing with my manager who was earlier armed force Intel. 38 super ammo She told about how they were almost run over during a late evening preparing operation in light of the fact that the principal sign that they had of the tanks approach was the point at which it crushed through the trees fifty feet in front of them.


Those three tanks are my top picks. The Merkava Mk1 was battle tried in ’73 against T-62s and T-72s. The reinforcement, which included diesel fuel (I haven’t figured the way that functions) was effectively fit for taking the discipline from the most recent in Arab worked Russian gear (I want to believe that they read Russian). Just something single annoys me about the M1A2 – the laser designator can wear out under broad use, while those on the Leopard 2 (all models) shut down briefly when overheated. The Leo.2 is likewise better optics wise for terminating physically.


Not to ruin the Abrams or Merkava, but rather the freshest Leo is more pleasant, incl. a more extended weapon barrel for higher speed. IDI was thinking about planning one more local tank with a 140mm primary weapon! But since of such high mystery, it’s difficult to determine what the most current Markova’s defensive layer is made of – each model has made enhancements to it. DU defensive layer is terrible for the Abrams to have – however it is vulnerable by the most recent AT shells.


The Leo. Has some obscure mystery about what they have for protective layer, so assessments would let you know that the enjoy a few upper hands over the M1A2 and a few significant weaknesses. Simply recollect, a ton of European nations tried the M1A2, Leopard2A5, and Challenger2 (nobody expresses much about those). The tank of decision was either local or the Leo.


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